The rules to keep in mind when choosing bras

Wacoal, a brazilian company, found that nearly 90 million women aged 18 and over wore bras that were not the right size, which was proven in 8 out of 10 women.


Principle of choosing a bra In order to provide women with multiple perspectives on how to choose and wear a bra how to properly invite you to explore the basic choices below, it will really help you. Comfortable and charming when wearing a bra.

1. If you have a large and full breasts, you will need a strong and healthy bra. Two fruits must be large and deep enough to hold your breasts neatly. The strap is made of elastic elastic material and elasticity to support breast comfort and effectiveness.

2. Another important thing is that the bra is not compressed into your breasts. If your breasts are big, do not think that squeezing them with a bra can make them smaller and look better. Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a bra.

3. If you have a small and irregularly rounded one, the best thing for you is to use a hemp-like bra. Silicone bolls are a great complement to your back, which adds to the size of your breasts. Straps of color and match can also be used as a factor to increase the charm of your mound.

4. Pay attention to the line details on the bustier, it will be a powerful tool to turn your first round from small to small or from small to large … You want to own a pair of bob island Tidy, choose bra that has vertical and horizontal lines. The boundary between these two lines is divided into two halves of the thorax. The vertical line is outside and the horizontal line is inside. Adding a lace border on the top will create feminine and seductive beauty.

5. If you want to have a crushed mound and become a mesmerizing point for the body, it will be within your reach. Please refer to Bra designs.

6. If you wear sports blazers, turn your blazer into a sporty bra with a simple design. The two parts of the breasts do not split apart but join together.

A white line that runs from the straps to the chest creates a strong spot for your shirt. All sports blazers should have strong contours so that they can be easily supported when you practice.

7. If you want to own a nice chest, you can make them really stand out with matching cardigans, flowered floral motifs that run from the straps and move to the top of the gourd. chest. Of course, with a cardigan like this, the mane of your island will be very splendid and sexy.

8. Wearing a wireless card also requires a personal design. So that the card does not slip from the chest but still outstanding round 1. Choose the shirt has a cushion just right and deep, the bottom line has a frame, straps and made from the elbows easily wrapped around the body and keep the mane islands are … in place.

9. You are planning a romantic date evening, make sure your cardigan is so beautiful and impressive. There is no line of sight under your skirt. A slim, no-breasted bra should be an ideal style to wear in thin white dresses. And you will look sexy with charming round chest.

10. If you are planning a wedding, you will definitely have to choose your own wedding dress just for the wedding gown. Choose a strapless cardigan or straps. The bodice is designed to be deep V-shaped to cover the chest half full of fullness and full round sexy when wearing a charming wedding dress.

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