Oppaira’s Franchise – Aki Sasaki


  • Born: 12/24/1979 (39 years old)
  • Career: 2015 – 2019
  • Measurements: 85-60-94
  • Cup Size: D-Cup
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown

Aki Sasaki made its debut at SOD at the end of 2015. According to reports, she made her debut as a married woman with children at the age of 35. It didn’t take long for people to realize how great Aki was, and it didn’t take long for her performance to shine. In her first year, she shot more than two videos per week. In her first six months, she even managed a lesbian video, including Ayumi Shinoda, who just won the Best Moro Islamic Liberation Front Award. It was very clear from the beginning that Aki was destined to be great.


Aki will continue to be one of the best performers in the industry. She often maintains a leading position in the DMM and R18 rankings. In April 2019, she finally resigned, retired, and became one of the best performers in the industry. For those who see her quality content, this is not surprising. She is willing to do all sorts of things, which is very remarkable for people of that age. She is also very attractive, very beautiful MILF has a very beautiful body. Aki seems to find himself at the center of the industry, making content for the best studios with the best actresses. Simply put, Aki is really great.

Face9 / 10
Breasts3 / 10
Ass7 / 10
Body8 / 10
Video Quality8 / 10
Performing8 / 10

I think Aki is actually very attractive. Although she may have joined the industry at the age of 35, she seems to ignore this number. Even if she is 39, she looks amazing, and I keep wondering if she is almost 40 years old. Just look at how beautiful she is and realize this. Moving on, her body is very slim and beautiful, even if she is a bit thinner. I don’t particularly like her breasts, they are quite small, and they are not what I usually care about. On the other hand, her ass is quite good, so Aki has some curves. I definitely think that Aki’s actual takeaway is that she looks very suitable for people with reported age. She is definitely the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that you dream of.


Aki is a very solid performer. You may not expect her level of performance, but she actually does much better than I think people do. She is very good at being a happy, optimistic MILF, and I really like her videos. I found that many actresses are working hard to promote this infectious attitude, but Aki managed to do a lot. Aki often sees these bright smiles on her face, or just laughs; she always seems to have a good time. Now, she is not always perfect, and sometimes it is difficult to maintain this behavior. Especially in the process of sex, she sometimes gets too much, or makes unpleasant faces when she is happy. I did find that she bounced back from that moment, but even though her calmness was temporarily lost, it was only temporary. The other thing Aki really excels at is profound. You don’t necessarily guess it, but she can take it very deeply, which is definitely a big advantage. More importantly, she often only happens to do this in the scene by chance. It’s one thing to do deep throat in deep throat video, but the other thing is just to do it, just to make the video more interesting.


When it comes to the genre of Aki, she is in the lead. In addition to uncensored, she has almost completed everything else. Anal, BBC, bukkake, you said it has finished it. It’s hard to find someone who can do everything in their own way, and it’s hard to find someone who fits their age. Look for the MILF that will do the anal and BBC, especially the part of the MILF that looks like that – just wow. And Aki seems to like to work with others, and always finds himself working with such great names as Yui Hatano, Hibiki Ootsuki, Yumi Kazama, Ayumi Shinoda, Asahi Mizuno – this list has just started and contains so many actresses I like. This is definitely one aspect of my Aki. Unfortunately, she has never stumbled upon uncensored but you don’t need to let me discover that your breed is really interesting.


Aki’s video results are very good but a bit popular. She does have a lot of good things, but there are quite a few mediocrities. I certainly watched some videos, I was excited by the cover and title, and I was overwhelmed by her performance. She can be great, but this is certainly not the case. For people who like to smile and like deep throat, her video quality is different and sometimes she doesn’t appear, which seems strange. I really think she was very happy when she appeared. I also found that her best things are not as good as others. I found that she never had so many extra distances to separate the best video from the really good video. Another key factor about Aki is that because of her age, she is often accused of being a milf role, whether it is the boss, mother, teacher, etc. at work. Although she just hates that she only plays the role of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, there are still many kinds of common labels in the “old woman.”

Honourable Mentions


Mother Son Violation – Aki Sasaki is Jealous of Her Only Son’s Girlfriend


The title is exactly what it sounds like Aki licks her son’s girlfriend. As it turns out, the only problem that can be solved is to fuck in person. Her son didn’t really participate in it at first, but in the end he realized that he couldn’t say no to his mother. Eventually she decided to get rid of her girlfriend, so when they were fucking, she was invited to come over. She gestured to her boyfriend and gave her mother a ejaculation.

Aki provided a very good performance, perfectly capturing her role as a frustrated mother. It’s great to watch her expression range flowing between thinking about something so ridiculously purely eager to apologize. It is so difficult to capture such a wide range, but Aki has no problems. The desire for sexual frustration really sells well here, and you can definitely feel how frustrated she is. A lot of videos like this lack that kind of performance, and it really does the tone for the performer Aki’s excellent performance.

Top 10 Videos

10. PGD-857

 My Sister-In-Law’s Creampie Temptation


Aki’s brother-in-law came to visit and there was a direct attraction between them. They are almost like wild animals. Aki and her husband’s sex life is great, but she can’t stand it and can’t help herself. Aki just used every opportunity to busy her brother-in-law behind her unwitting husband.

The content is great because they combine this original attraction with risk. Watching Aki fuck her husband and staring at her brother-in-law, this is one of the hottest things you can find. The temptation of these two games makes the other party really great. These are two adults, knowing that they should not do this, but it is impossible to deny their feelings. This tension is what really makes this video so great.

This series is usually quite good, and Aki is no exception. Watching her like to play with her brother-in-law is definitely a pleasure.

9. JUY-125

She Was Supposed To Pop Her Little Brother’s Cherry Boy Friend… But It Felt So Good She Enjoyed Multiple Pussy Pounding Orgasms Instead!


Aki’s brother has a friend, and Aki can’t help but be attracted to him. When she decided to take his virginity, the immediate attraction was really far away. Aki thinks she is so once she finishes it, but soon she finds that she has her own ideas and decides to marry her, just as she has never been beaten before. Suddenly, the character was reversed and Aki was the one who could not accept it.

Aki’s performance was very enjoyable because she showed two completely opposite things. At first she was fully responsible and led all actions, but once this person took over, she was only stunned by uncontrollable happiness. Looking so seamlessly at her flip is super hot. Let us not forget how good Aki looks on those loose clothes and how she can easily seduce this guy.

A great video, you can see that Aki made a complete 180, from walking with his brother’s friends to the path he followed him.

8. JUY-299

This Married Woman Librarian Is Quietly Luring Me To Temptation In The Library


Aki is a librarian at the school and likes to play with the students. There is a lovely student there, one day will catch Aki, and the other will walk out of the stall in the bathroom. It didn’t take long for people to realize that Aki had a new fucking good friend before you knew it. Then the video included them naughty around the school and then ended the trio with her two students.

What makes this video so enjoyable and how beautiful the theme is. Most people have a hot teacher, librarian, nurse, etc. at school, and find a perfect opening, because this is basically the dream of every child. It’s hot to watch Aki come to him in the library, this guy is playing very well. Because it was unfolding in comics, it was a great series of scenes as it flowed from the library to the stalls in the bathroom and eventually became a trio. As Aki was as seductive and awesome as usual, she pointed out the performance.

What can I say, a popular librarian fucking her students’ ideas is too much. Aki excelled in several great scenes.

7. PGD-932

Temptation Of A Married Woman Office Lady With A Juicy Ass


Aki is the boss at work and finds herself playing with her staff. The video is a hodgepodge of scenes, whether Aki is fucking in the office, in an open space, or letting them have dinner and fucking them at her house. Aki plays this role, and the goal of a married boss is to fuck all her employees.

The quality of this video boils down to all the scenes are great. Aki is beautiful on the stage, full of energy, not afraid to take what she wants. I am really happy to see her go to the city with some unsuspecting businessmen. A very simple scene is like an interview, the poor guy trying to play it is cool, he has a strong effort on Aki. Even the episode scene is very simple and popular.

Aki plays a hot boss at work. Fucking her staff is a pleasure. These simple scenes that become hot are just an absolute enjoyment.

6. JUX-861

There’s No Way I’d Fall Victim To Lesbians… Women’s Group Hot Spring Vacation Edition


Aki Sasaki, Maki Hojo and Reiko Sawamura go to the hot springs together. Aki found Maki and Reiko to be lesbian lovers and very uncomfortable. However, she found herself in trouble. At first she didn’t like it, but soon she realized that she really liked it.

For beginners, the actors are great and the three quality Moro Islamic Fronts are great. Second, the video is streaming very well. I like to watch Aki is that kind of flower, and then become a person who fully enjoys what is happening. At first she was very hesitant, and Maki + Reiko left with her. In the end, Aki volunteered to join them fucking. Even though she is discovering the relationship between them, sometimes Reiko is staring at Aki and fucking Maki, such a small thing makes the video great.

At the end of the day, three good MILFs in lesbian videos are hard to ignore.

5. HND-449

When I Awoke, I Found That I Had Been Creampie Fucked…


Aki plays a mother and has no choice but to her son’s best things. When she realized that her son had just pulled into VR porn, she would bring herself to her real thing. So he took off his VR gear and found his mother riding him. Suddenly, she was all about getting rid of his porn and putting her in place. Although this guy has never wanted to fuck her, he can’t stop her forever, Aki has been using her.

I think this concept and implementation work is very good. Aki plays the mother who fucks her unquestioned son very hot. Even hotter is the first scene of VR. It was a good surprise to watch him pull down the equipment to find his mother riding. Then he tries to return to it, but she will not have it and provide herself. Really great, seeing her pull out really powerful personality and leading scenes.

I absolutely think how crazy the theme is, how Aki plays it is the star of the show, especially when it is integrated into VR. The gif above shows the extent of the content.

4. RKI-453

The World’s Greatest Creampie Semen Sucking Girl! Incredibly Pleasurable Babymaking Sex


Aki accepted Rookie’s fake semen overload series. The premise is that this guy is crazy to shoot a huge load, this person likes creampies. Aki wears a variety of outfits, such as pink underwear and athletic swimsuits, from all the viscous cum. Aki is everywhere, whether she is squeezed again, her face has a huge load, or her clothes are covered.

It’s easy to be one of my favorite rookies, many of which boil down to managing fake cums. Whether in Aki or inside her or anywhere, they are sprayed everywhere. It’s great to see her soaking in it while letting it burst out. They often skip every aspect, but Aki is happy to carry it with him. Speaking of this, Aki seems to like the whole thing and have a lot of fun. Even once they played the game, he had to shower some of her photos; when he won, she finally let him ejaculate fucking.

This type of thing may not be for everyone, but for those who like it, this is definitely one of the best.

3. NTR-035

Cheating Threesome With The Hot Sisters In My Shared Apartment


Aki Sasaki and Hibiki Ootsuki decided they wanted to mix with their brothers. The couple have a chance to suck the fuck every time. This wonderful movie has both solo scenes from two scenes and a duet scene. It also has a very lengthy duo scene with underwear on the cover.

Hibiki and Aki both knocked it out of the park. Both of them are very good at accepting what they want, you can really see that each of them follows their brother and sometimes even fights for him. One thing I like is the dynamics of physical attraction. I think they are very beautiful (both are my top 10), but this is an interesting development because Aki looks older than Hibiki. The atmosphere of the sister I created is very good.

If Aki and Hibiki are your sisters, it is hard to ignore them. A dynamic duo can work well together.

2. ATHH-003

Sweet Creampie Seduction By Career Women


Aki Sasaki and Ayumi Shinoda are colleagues who decided to play with some of their colleagues. Every opportunity they get will find a lucky person to play. Whether at the desk, in the office, or in the bathroom, they are busy with them. The video culminates in someone’s MMFF scene.

The two of them are very happy to see and really play their part. When they decide that some helpless (or lucky) guys will be their next victim, you can see how they play it and it doesn’t stop there. The last scene made the two of them interact very cute, and all sorts were great. All the scenes are so high quality that it is hard to ignore the fun of the content.

Definitely the top video in this pair. Ayumi and Aki really tell you what the office’s MILF is made up of.

1. WANZ-671

I Love Fucking My Friend’s Husband


Aki went to her friend’s house and decided that she was very interested in him. It took her a long time to decide to go to him. Although her friend was there, Aki was busy with her friend’s husband, and the video was all the rage.

Part of the reason this video is so exciting is how much risk it has. The first scenario shown below is a good indicator. Aki really doesn’t care if her friend is there, she is completely willing to go to the city. The rest of the video is about the same as Aki’s own ownership of the show. Aki is also very entertaining here, with great facial expressions and a positive attitude towards what she is doing. This is definitely an amazing video that shows you the power of Aki.

It’s hard not to be attracted to people like Aki. Sacred hell I will be afraid to fall into this situation, but what do you say?


I am sure to see Aki retiring sadly. She is the person I entered less than two years ago, and she feels that she will leave soon. However, I can enjoy the achievements Aki has achieved in just a few years. Let me like Aki like Aki, because her breasts are small, showing how great she is. She quickly went to one of my favorite people directly from someone I was not interested in. I hope this article will let people know how great she is and make her a new fan.

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