Jav Top 10 Sakura Kirishima Videos

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Porn Star Profile

  • Born : 3/2/1995 (24 years old)
  • Career Status:  2014 – present
  • Measurements: 92-59-88 cm (36-23-35in)
  • Cup Size: I
  • Height : 157m (5 ft 2 in)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color:  Brown


Sakura Kirishima has always been an actress because I will explain it a bit because I don’t care and deserve more attention. Before her jav career, I didn’t have much information about her background. I really can’t find anything reliable. Moving on, she started shooting for E-Body in 2014. Later, she continued on, becoming a freelance actress, working for many studios such as BeFree, Oppai, Fitch and Crystal Eizou, to name a few. However, she currently works primarily with H.M.P.

There are many reasons why I personally like Sakura Kirishima very much. Of course, from a physical point of view, she is gorgeous and has an amazing body. Bent, thick, plump, very beautiful. Not only that, but her personality is also my favorite aspect. She is so naturally energetic and cheerful and shows up in her videos. As a performer, I firmly believe that she is easy to be one of the best. She often reminds me of Yuma Asami because of how attractive and bubble she is. All of these are unique geniuses and definitely one of my favorite active actresses.

Honorable Mentions


“I’m Not Fucking Her Big Sister!? My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Laid A Honey Trap And Creampie Fucked Me”


This may be a bit surprising, because it is an honorary award, not the top ten. For those who don’t realize it, the plot here revolves around Sakura stealing her sister’s boyfriend. Don’t misunderstand my video now, it’s great. There are some adventurous sex scenes that are exciting, and Sakura does provide great performance. However, the last sex scene is incredible vanilla and offers almost no risk, and some scenes are a bit too weird. It is said that this is definitely worth your time.


“My Wife Was Nearby, But This Barely Legal Didn’t Care, She Smiled Devilishly And Came At My Hard On Like A Slut”


I always like to see the devil/lwed aspect of Sakura and show it here. The premise is that all about her secretly fucking this married man, and his wife is near the same room. She played the role of a slutty young girl and guided her performance with some very naughty facial expressions. In addition, there is a great sense of risk to the action. Although she has only one scene in this video, it is the best and must be watched.


“A Forgiving Wife“


Sakura has several shota videos under her belt, but imo GVG-626 is the best. Honestly, I am a bit uncertain about the exact plot, because the title is hard to explain. Just know that she is playing a married woman who likes to seduce and tease the young man here. Sakura looks great here and offers a performance point. In addition, there is a very dangerous scene of sex in the end. Although if you are a fan, this type is a bit small, you have to check it out.


“The Hottest Beautiful Girl In Town! A Camera Girl With Colossal Tits”


Sakura seems to be playing as an adult photographer to take pictures of the couple. However, through the part of the assistant began to explore her and eventually led him to fuck her. The next and final scene involved her revenge on the couple’s male half because she continued to dominate his position and he could do nothing. I actually like this premise very much, and her performance is very suitable. In addition, the action is great.


“Had A Crush On This Hot Housewife Who I Would Always See On The Morning Commuter Train, And One Day I Saw Her Being Harassed By A Molester, But She Was OK With It, Once I Had This Information, I Decided To Embark On A Molester Mission Too, But When I Tried To Touch Her, She Whispered Into My Ear, “You’re Shaking… Are You Nervous?” My Only Skill Is Being Proper And Courteous, But Starting On This Day, I Became A Molester!”


I know that this title is full of mouth. Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique videos on my list. I don’t think I need to explain too much. She basically plays a horny housewife, who likes to fumble and fuck. As always, the performance of the cherry blossoms is very good, I really like this plot. It makes for some exciting and intense scenes. The photography work here is also great. Surrounded by a very unique video, it is worth paying attention to anyone who wants to be different.

Best Videos


“This Female Teacher Is Teasing And Toying With Her Male Students In An Empty Classroom During Summer Vacation And Raping Them With Consecutive Rounds Of Compulsory Creampie Sex”


This is just one of the first videos I have seen her, and it is still one of her absolute best videos. I don’t think I need to explain this premise too much because it is very simple. Sakura plays a very awkward and debauchery teacher, who likes to seduce and tease her students to eventually lead to pie. Guess that this action is a good subdivision. In general, there are very few complaints. One of my minor complaints is that location changes may be better. Other than that, although sex is great. These two sex scenes are very exciting because they have excellent lighting and photography and are extremely strong. There is also a handjob and paizuri scene that is also very good, mainly due to her performance, I will get it soon. Another thing is that in almost every scene, she will let this guy cum many times, sometimes in her. Her performance here is very unusual now. Her enthusiasm deviated from the leaderboard, and her facial expressions were also very suitable. In addition, she is very attractive and makes every scene very interesting. Finally, her appearance is equally good. She looks gorgeous in every scene and her body is especially optimal. Some of the best natural boobs and the amazing figure of just the right meat on her body. If you have been sleeping in Sakura Kirishima, this is my recommended video.



“Sexy Tongue Plump Giant Balloon Titties BODY Tongue Kiss Mania”


Only that cover should be sold to you. The NITR-361 does not have a true premise, but rather focuses on kissing and licking most of it. Honestly, I don’t really care about this topic. However, through this video, I found that cherry blossoms have a long, very sexy tongue. Definitely one of the best actresses I have ever seen. In general, I think this action is very good, only a few minor issues. On the one hand, the actual gender is quite good, with some good location and photography work. However, there are some impressive oral sex scenes that are fairly easy to forget. In addition, there are a lot of kisses in almost every scene, which is a close for me. Although the sex scene is outstanding, it is easy to make this video worth seeing. Sakura’s overall performance is quite solid. She works very well and her enthusiasm is high. However, she will definitely be a bit too noisy here and there. Now, the best element of this video must be her appearance. Not only does she wear some super sexy clothes, you can see it on the cover, but she looks incredible. Those juicy breasts and her hips never looked better. Overall, this is a good introduction to the cherry blossoms, with a focus on her sexy tongue, big tits and her amazing curvy body.



“A Resort Massage Parlor That Will Guide You To The Most Amazing Ejaculation It Will Cost You More Than 100,000 Yen The No.1 Girl At This Ultra High Level Parlor Has A Divine Technique That You Must Experience For Yourself A Rejuvenating Salon”


Sakura Kirishima has several massage parlour videos under her belt and they are all great. However, this may be more than they are. At its core is a typical massage themed video that contains everything you want. Although it does not completely break through the new foundation, it is good enough to use the massage theme and can produce some excellent scenes. Now with regard to this action, my only picky is really another sex scene. Only two feel a little lacking. This means that every scene here is definitely worth seeing, and it is incredible in itself. Thanks to her passionate performance, even the ordinary handjob is amazing. There are also many such categories, because there are even some good footprints and pov scenes. Impeccable around. It looks sensible and she looks amazing. She has the usual masseuse-style outfit in her closet, which is perfect for her, she pulls it very well. Of course, she is naturally a first-rate shape. Finally, when it comes to her performance, it is easy to be the best I have ever seen. If you want to ask her talent for acting, please check it out. She is energetic and has incredible expressiveness and appeal. In the pov scene, she really shines, because she can make the average handjob scene five times unforgettable. If you are a fan of the masseuse theme I can’t recommend this. It is easy to see.



“Tutor Overdoing It“


Who doesn’t love a good sexy instructor plot? This is all right. Sakura plays a lazy, uninspired mentor who may be fired by the father of the three boys she coached. Give her another chance because she uses her body to participate in and teach her courses and achieve impeccable results. For example, in the first scene, when she took off her bikini and placed all her stickers on her own sticker, she gave one of the boys an exercise test answer. In another example, when the father asked her how to help her son improve her grades, she showed him personally by giving him a tittyfuck. Overall it is a very interesting premise that leads to some very interesting scenarios. My only complaint about this action is that there are only 2 personality love scenes, but other scenes are very varied and have some unique settings to help them stand out. Sakura’s performance here is easy to become one of the best aspects of the entire video. She seems to enjoy herself and her role. Her enthusiasm is incredible, and even an ordinary paizuri scene must be seen. Combine some excellent facial expressions and you have an extraordinary performance. In addition, her appearance is absolutely amazing because she guides the teacher’s appearance. She is wearing some beautiful glasses here, and a few clothes show her cleavage. If you have a sexy tutor thing, jump on this immediately.



“Every Night, My Neighbor With H Cup Sized Colossal Tits Will Suck And Slurp All Of My Semen Until My Balls Are Dry”


Succubus videos are often difficult to obtain. I am a huge fan, and Sakura is just a perfect match for this role. Yes, she actually plays a charm, likes to tease and milk his neighbors to do all his cum. She often cums this guy many times. This is a good character for her and the plot is great. Who doesn’t like sexy banshees? There are very few complaints about the whole operation. One of my main criticisms is that in quite a few scenes, the lights are too dark, which is a little hinder to it. In addition, due to her performance, each scene is great, even non-sex scenes. All the scenes are great and there are no real weaknesses. Sakura is outstanding here. Her role as a succubus is very good, with excellent enthusiasm and matching facial expressions. In addition, she is super awkward here because she always wants to have sex and almost pleads with it. Everything is great. The complexity is her amazing appearance. Now that Sakura is mainly wearing the same outfit, I must admit that she looks amazing. In addition, contact lenses and horns really help pull the succubus’s look together. If you are looking for something different, then don’t look for it anymore. This video can’t go wrong.



“The Fully Nude Big Tits Massage Parlor Therapist“


Another video of the masseur from Sakura, like the last one, is great. This is relatively simple, because the premise is your typical massage theme, and the cherry blossoms act as a full masseur. This is very basic, but it is a classic setup and it handles it very well. In general, when cherry blossoms settle down and convince fashion with true professionalism, it presents a more “real” feeling. The action itself is great, making good use of body oil, great posture and solid photography. There are 3 complete sexes, including pov one and some paizuri scenes, you will definitely accept it from start to finish. On the downside, however, a little bit of change is good because they all use the same settings and settings. When it comes to her appearance, she is flawless and looks great. However, her wardrobe is very small, mainly a scarf and some high heels, because she spent most of the naked video, honestly this is not a big problem. In addition, you can truly appreciate her amazing proportions. Now that I have touched her earlier acting, she will definitely play again here. Her enthusiasm and vitality are first class and she is also very attractive. When it comes to playing the role of a masseuse, she is perfectly nailed. All of these are one of her best videos and must be taken care of by anyone entering the massage theme.



“She Fucks Virgins“


Be sure to like this title. simple and clear. It’s also a simple video because it’s just around Sakura and having sex with 3 different virgins. Are they really virgins? Who knows to be honest. Personally, I am a big fan of this episode because it usually allows the actress to be more natural, just to be yourself. Thankfully, she did just that. Overall, this action is very exciting, with 3 complete sex scenes, each ending in a pie. In the final scene, she let this guy cum twice. When Sakura will bathe or cook with them, it really needs some scenes. Then, although the action started, everything around it was solid. The technical aspects are very good, and there is not much filler to hinder. Now, one of the best elements here is that her performance is almost flawless. Sakura Kirishima is allowed to just be her natural bubble self, it shows. She is very warm and energetic. The whole process is so bright and cheerful. To be honest, her performance is perfect, except for some minimal complaints, this is not a big problem. There is nothing to say about her wardrobe. Most of the time she is naked, of course I am fine. Of course, her shape is very good. If you like dice, you will love her in the final scene. Absolutely one of the best shows of her vibrant personality, accompanied by a great plot and solid action.



“A Voluptuous Big Tits And Nice Ass French Kiss NEET Girl“


The title feels like they just put a bunch of words together. Although there is “Neet” in the title, the first scene does have any reference. Other than that, there is no mood in the mood. This is mainly a few different scenes, emphasizing her sexy long tongue. There is no doubt that one of the best elements here is how beautiful the cherry blossoms look. If there is only one word to summarize her appearance, it must be sexy. Incredible curves and thick. In addition, almost all garments fit her perfectly and do a great job in showing her body. The photography work is very exciting and I can take a lot of great photos. This led me to take another strong action. There are 3 oral sex scenes, one of which is a group scene, ending with her multiple facial treatments. In addition, there are 2 personal love scenes, my personal favorite is the trio scene. My only real pick is that the lighting effect will be better in the second gender scene. Still, it’s still great. Most importantly, her performance is excellent. Very high energy and full participation. Plus her facial expressions are also very good. All in all, this is a very attractive video.



“The Cute Girl’s Rapturous Penis Massage Can Give You A Heavenly Orgasm! Super Idol Massage For Super Hard Cumshots!”


There are Tittyfucking and massage on the menu of this entry. Other than that, there really is no real premise here. The main main focus is definitely around paizuri and her chest, but fortunately there are some great sex scenes here. Although there are only two sex scenes, they are all very good and have excellent photography. And those above paizuri scenes are largely reliable. One of my problems is that some scenes will take a long time to get started and drag. There are also some nice external moments, and they use the massage theme very well. Helping to turn these scenes into reality is her outstanding performance. She is very attractive and has high energy as always. Her bubble-like personality will definitely shine here. Finally, as far as her appearance is concerned, she wears one or two garments that look great. In addition, she is still in a state of first class. Everything from her face to her chest is perfect. In general, if you are a big paizuri fan and enjoy a light massage theme, then I definitely recommend this. Even if you don’t, HODV-21186 is still worth your time I will say.



“This Elder Sister Has Colossal Tits So Filthy They’ll Blow Your Mind In Seconds!!”


This video and REAL-679 are my first video of watching cherry blossoms. Really an introduction! The URMC-010 is similar to the previous one because it doesn’t have any plots, but only the action, and more importantly her gorgeous tits. There are several paizuri scenes, one-on-one sex scenes, and finally three-person sex scenes. There is also a scene where she plays dildo, but it is average, but at least there are some beautiful scenery. Overall, although the action was very good, mainly because she has been focusing on her chest. In addition, the photography work was great and she took some of her wonderful photos. She talked about her performance, she is very strong, but this is not her best performance. On the one hand, she sometimes becomes quite grievous and her facial expressions are affected. However, her enthusiasm and energy are consistent. The best aspect so far is her appearance. First of all, she wore some very sexy clothes and praised her body very well. And I have to say that Sakura has a physical hell, which is fully shown here. You will definitely appreciate her wide buttocks and flawless breasts. All in all, this is probably the most vanilla video on my list, and if you want to introduce her briefly, you won’t miss this choice.


Worst Videos


“Please Listen To My Cuckold Tale My Wife Was Being Groped By All Of Her Single Co-Workers Who Love Titties All Day, Every Day”


what can I say? Rape and NTR are really not my taste of cake, so I don’t care about this video. One of Sakura’s best aspects is her energetic and fun performance, but seeing that she is obedient and obedient throughout the video, there is nothing fun at all. This action was not impressive, and it was just to commemorate one of her least attractive videos to date.


“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And Creampies”


This series is almost always a home run, but not this time. Honestly, this is the worst of the GES series. Her performance not only failed to meet the standards, but it was quite early in her career, so she didn’t look so good, her hair style was not too good. Combined with some mediocre actions, you are really disappointed. Fortunately, her recent GES-style video is much better.

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