3 ways make-up make you more attractive

There are ways that you can become more attractive, with just a few tips in the makeup only …

Skin color

Foundation creams and concealer are great creations that make women look younger and more attractive. A smooth, color and bright skin that makes you ten years old. Dr. Bernhard Fink of the University of Göttingen, who devoted most of his time to studying the evolution of human interest in choosing mates, said: “The structure and color of the skin directly affect Perception of age, health status as well as attraction of a person. ”

Makeup will make women’s natural features more prominent and make them more attractive in the eyes of men. “Skininess and skin condition is not just a sign of age but it is also predicting many health problems …” – added Link.

Carpentry, you dare not?

In the study of an empirical psychology journal, women often thought that men liked to wear make-up, while others did not see much of it. Strong likes a beautiful face naturally and see that is the point that he is attracted.

But the men are also very “way”, but on the other hand is always looking at the carpenter to see the natural beauty inherent but most of them do not glance at the beauty of the picture. , Leave the current state of “carpenter” that way out. So women should know how to use cosmetics to highlight their natural beauty. Also pay attention to the skin to skin light, smooth, when the “face” you are also more confident, right?

The power of red lipstick

Studies have shown that women’s faces become more attractive to both sexes when they are close to the time of ovulation, and that they are more likely to conceive. During this time, estrogen levels increase, hormonal changes cause blood flow to rise beneath the surface of the skin, causing the cheeks to twitch, more rosy lips are very attractive.

In another study of the attraction derived from red, researchers also found that lips were the most appealing eye for men, especially with red lips. They point out that the time that a guy’s eyes “stopped” on his face with red lips was 7.3 seconds, much more than she used pink lipstick (6.7 seconds) or no use (2.2 seconds) .

Many are afraid to use red lipstick or fear of aging skin, but in fact any color can be used with red lip color, just choose the right color matching. In addition, research at the University of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania showed that red lipsticks highlighted the skin to create a glamorous and seductive image of the girl. So older women using red lipstick can make them younger than they really are, brightening their faces.

Another study of women who had a habit of using lipstick four days a week showed that they had higher levels of self-confidence than those without lipstick. Moreover, women who make eye makeup and lips on the job will create a more professional image and be considered more talented than natural makeup or no make up.

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