14 handy tips keep the kitchen clean and fresh without much work

It’s easy to do housework without much effort, knowing the tips below will work light.

Microwave cleaning

Make a dish washing foam, then dip the dishwasher in and insert a dish of porcelain dish into the microwave, turn on your camcorder for 30 seconds. Then open the door and clean it inside. This not only helps to quickly wipe the microwave oven, but it also removes bad smells and clings to food.

Deodorant and mattress cleaning

Along with the time your mattress becomes dull and smelly, the way to clean, remove the odor and mold is very simple, you just sprinkle backing up soda powder, for a few hours, then use the vacuum  machine to clean. This way not only remove stains, mold but also deodorize effectively. You can also apply the same to the old sofa.

Clean cutting boards

To clean the wood cutting board simply sprinkle salt on the cutting board surface, then cut lemon slices rubbed on salt and then rinse with hot water, the cutting board will be clean and no foul smell anymore.

Clean up the toaster

Using an old toothbrush will make it easier to brush off every corner of the toaster oven.

Clean the faucet

Use waxed paper to clean the faucet and the stain will be clean and the faucet will not get stuck for a long time.

Iron object

The iron sticks to the stain, simply sprinkle a little salt on the surface, then open the iron at maximum temperature, making sure there is no water on it. This will easily remove dirt on the surface of the iron.

Make silver

To preserve silver spoon or silver jewelry does not fade. You pack a chalk placed on the bottom of the container, which will prevent silver from flying and permanently eroding.


To get rid of greasy stains on your clothes, you can use a chalky brown scrub on the stain, after a few hours for the chalk to completely absorb fat. Note, this method is only effective with new stains, and old stains are not effective.

Frying pan

To clean the pan simply add salt, then use a brush to lightly salt, then rinse with warm water to clean all stains and food clinging to.


You take a portion of vinegar and two parts of water mixed in a bottle of water and then spray on the dirt on the carpet, covered with a layer of wet cloth. Then open the iron on the soft towel for 30 seconds.


Pour some soda water into the sink, use the old toothbrush scrub strongly, then cut into slices of lemon and then drain the water normally.


To clean window glass you just use the old paper to wipe, this will help to remove dirt easily.

Bad smell

Put 1 teaspoon of vanilla in the cup, then place in the microwave for a few seconds, your house will be full of fragrance, all unpleasant odors will disappear.

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